Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


nick black

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Aside from adventures in New York and Austin, Nick Black is a lifelong ATLien. He began programming on an ATARI 400 sometime during childhood, and with no one around to tell him better, developed an idiosyncratic, unorthodox style involving more inline assembly and literary allusions than strictly necessary, or perhaps even justifiable. He has since graduated several times from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and dropped out almost as many times. Approaching forty, he still manages to code about ten hours a day, every day, ideally those free of the Daystar's malignant influence. He hopes to one day destroy the sun.

Nick exclusively uses black IBM Model-M Trackpoint II M-13 keyboards, and will happily buy any that you might have laying around \textbf{CLACK CLACK CLACK}.

Nick is currently employed by that notable friend of Free Software, Microsoft, where he networks satellites and wrangles high-throughput bits. He has previously worked at NVIDIA, Google, and a number of startups. His favorite languages, from newest to oldest, are Rust, C, Prolog, and Latin.



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Making terminals do things that were never intended
Saturday L.lightningtalks Lightning Talks 13:00 13:20