Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Konrad Bächler

Photo of Konrad Bächler

Around '85, Konrad started as a very young developer using assembler concentrating on game development. The studies of economics and econometrics at the University of Zurich helped him creating very early high frequency trading bots back in the 90s. In 2003 he co-founded Tensid Ltd and created the application "": a cloud-based solution to distribute financial news to wire services and investors all over the world. After they reached market leadership, Konrad and his partner sold Tensid to a larger corporate.

Konrad decided to dedicate all his time and knowledge to the development of AGPLv3+ software. The project is called "" and its mission is to develop "Free Banking Technology. For Everyone". In a nutshell: DIVA is an I2P-based, highly energy efficient and truly distributed solution enabling everyone to be its very own bank. The non-profit association "" is closely co-operating with academia (next two research projects start in Q1/2021). All works are licensed under AGPLv3+ or compatible.



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An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank
Free Banking Technology. For Everyone.
Sunday L.lightningtalks Lightning Talks 14:00 14:20