Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Juan Julián Merelo

Photo of Juan Julián Merelo


Title Day Room Track Start End
Welcome to the Perl & Raku devroom
Introduction, lineup, CoC, AoB
Saturday D.perl Perl and Raku Programming 10:00 10:15
A few patterns (and one antipattern) you might see only in Raku
A few constructs that might make Raku interesting for programmers of big & small languages alike
Sunday D.declarative.minimalistic Declarative and Minimalistic Computing 10:00 10:30
Perl, the hidden automation gem
On how Perl can be used in almost every CI/CD environment, and you probably didn't know
Sunday L.lightningtalks Lightning Talks 15:20 15:40
ClassOps: pre-grading student assignments using CI pipelines Sunday L.lightningtalks Lightning Talks 16:00 16:20