Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Holger Steinhauer

Techie at ❤️, coding since primary school and still not tired of it. And I love talking and educate about it. Check out my podcast Coding With Holger and Java Advent for examples.

After I got a Commodore C64 when I was in primary school I found my destiny. Basic V2 was my first programming language and many followed after that. This is very long ago but I still enjoy doing it. After my successful apprenticeship, I started working professionally in web agency, using the LAMP stack and switched to the dark side (IT consulting and Java) in 2009. Since then, my main focus was the JVM on the backend. I started with classic JEE projects before I finally got set free with the Spring Framework. Lately (well, for nearly 2 years already), I enjoy Kotlin and love using it on the backend. Besides all this coding, I also embrace doing infrastructural $things. Since roughly 2014 I use tooling which the industry would call "DevOps tooling", for example Ansible and all kinds of cloudy environments.

With all this experience I started another exciting journey: being self-employed. Since 2018 I am up for hire as a freelancer and am steadily working on my remote-first IT consultancy



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This Spring Shall Be Challenged
It doesn't need to be Spring, or does it?
Sunday D.kotlin Kotlin 15:25 16:10