Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Christopher Hertel

Photo of Christopher Hertel

Chris Hertel is an author, coder, network geek, and Samba developer. Years ago, he wrote an implementer's guide to SMB/CIFS (SMB1), which later earned him the job of writing the official protocol specifications from Microsoft. In his recent career Chris has held roles as Director of SMB Development and Director of Filesystem Engineering. His current work is aimed at leveraging DPU-enabled SmartNICs and Server systems.

During his somewhat convoluted career, Chris has worked on PDPs, VAXes, Amigas, PCs, and all sorts of other computers types. He once got to help design network connectivity for a physics lab located half a mile under a Minnesota lake in a converted underground iron mine. His first exposure to the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol suite was via DEC Pathworks, back in the 1980's.



Title Day Room Track Start End
SMB3 Overboard
An Offload Engine for NASty Networks
Saturday D.sds Software Defined Storage 12:30 13:10