Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Bernhard Rosenkränzer

Photo of Bernhard Rosenkränzer

Bernhard "bero" Rosenkränzer is a long time Open Source developer with code contributions in more than 150 projects. He is the president and one of the main developers behind OpenMandriva, where he maintains key parts of the OS and created the Pinebook Pro and PinePhone ports. He recently started working with the Huawei Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) on OpenHarmony, where he launched the Tools and Toolchains SIG.

Outside of Open Source, his life revolves around his dogs, who tend to make appearences in virtual conferences.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Two different approaches to building a distribution: OpenHarmony and OpenMandriva
An overview of very different ideas - from someone involved in both projects
Saturday D.distributions Distributions 13:30 14:00
A fresh look at toolchains in 2021
binutils, gcc and glibc are no longer the only options. Are they still the best?
Sunday M.misc Performance 11:00 12:00