Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Greg Sutcliffe

Greg Sutcliffe is the Community Lead for the Foreman Project. He's also at times a speaker, hacker, sysadmin, devops guy, tech evangelist, baker and hiker.

Greg has been involved in the Foreman Project for over 6 years, as a user, community contributor, full-time developer, and now as the community guy. He loves talking to others about things that fascinate them - or just speaking in general! He's also interested in open-source data handling (such as Nextcloud), digital rights and privacy, automation & CI, Debian packaging, and many other things, so hit him up for a chat!



Title Day Room Track Start End
AMENDMENT Puppet Catalog Diffs in TheForeman
Using octocatalog-diff to view catalog changes in the Foreman UI
Saturday UA2.220 (Guillissen) Config management 15:00 15:50
Closing loops
Concluding discussions in non-face-to-face communities
Sunday UD2.119 (Moved from AW1.124) Community 09:00 09:35