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Ben Kero

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
IT@Mozilla: Open sourcing the infrastructure Mozilla Devroom Sunday UD2.218A 14:30 00:30

Ben is a system administrator by trade,and has experience with the Ganeti project from several sources. He has been a community systems administrator at the OSU Open Source Lab, where he helped and administered dozens of high-profile open source projects. Ben held this position for 4 years while attending classes at Oregon State University.

While at OSU, Ben held the role of the Linux Users Group's Safety Officer, and gave presentations on secure (and advanced) SSH usage and a tutorial on VIM to crowds of 15-30 people of varying technical abilities, including live demonstrations. Ben has also given several technical presentations at the local Beaver Barcamp, some of which were viewed by over 100 people.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration, he joined Mozilla as a systems administrator. Mozilla gave him the opportunity to diversify his skill-set to operate on the scale of hundreds of millions of users.