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Clarista is a member of the Mozilla Community and the author of "Bonjour Mozilla" ( ). And she's an an Average Jane, at least by her own words.

She will present a talk about FLOSS and the Average Jane and Joe. She wants to convince "geeks" that they should make some efforts to welcome "normal people", because geeks need Average Jane or Joe to understand what the public really wants or needs. It's the only way to really open the Web!

So, of course, she will explain what geeks can do to attract "normal people", in order to attract more into FLOSS community.

To attend to this talk you only need your sense of humor :-)

Clarista has been a member of the Mozilla community for 2 years now. You can find her on #frenchmoz, on the moznet network.

She is a feminist and involved in Women & Mozilla (, but overall an Average Jane (even she is becoming a geek :D) who wants to open FLOSS to the whole world! I love the community, so I've created "Bonjour Mozilla" ( ) which presents one member of our community every day.

This is the reason why she would like to give a talk about FLOSS and the Average Jane and Joe. Please be sure that, according to her, the expression of “Average Jane and Joe” isn’t pejorative at all... Since, she IS an Average Jane. She is a contributor, but overall an Average Jane. And she believes that it is her personality as an Average Jane that can bring the most to FLOSS.