FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Distributions Developer Room

Rooms: H.1308, H.1302
openSUSE Mancoosi Mandriva NixOS Gentoo Fedora Debian CentOS Caixa Mágica Arch Linux

Linux distribution mini-conference

This year, for the first time, we will not have individual and isolated devrooms per distribution. Instead, we are hosting a joint "mini-conference" that specifically targets interoperability, governance, working with upstream and other common issues.

The distribution projects participating and contributing to this "mini-conference" are (in alphabetical order):

When Room Event Speaker Media
Saturday 2010-02-06
Sat  13:00-13:45 H.1302 Hermes Message Dispatching Klaas Freitag
Sat  13:45-14:30 H.1302 YaST - Future Roadmap Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett
Sat  14:00-14:45 H.1308 The Maemo Community Council: a case-study in governance Dave Neary
Sat  14:30-15:15 H.1302 MirrorBrain Peter Poeml
Sat  14:45-15:30 H.1308 Fedora Governance Max Spevack
Sat  15:15-16:15 H.1302 Infrastructure round table Ralph Angenendt
Sat  15:30-16:15 H.1308 Distribution HR management Petteri Räty
Sat  16:15-16:45 H.1308 bootchart2 Michael Meeks
Sat  16:45-17:30 H.1308 Mobile distributions and upstream challenges Andrew Savory
Sat  16:45-17:30 H.1302 Translations of package descriptions Anne Nicolas
Sat  17:30-18:15 H.1302 Working with GNOME upstream Vincent Untz
Sat  17:30-18:15 H.1308 Fedora-fr and upstream French communities Armel Kermovant
Sat  18:15-19:00 H.1308 How to be a good upstream Petteri Räty
Sat  18:15-19:00 H.1302 Spacewalk: Linux Systems Lifecycle Management Marcus Moeller, Sandro Mathys
Sunday 2010-02-07
Sun  09:15-10:00 H.1302 Linux distribution for the cloud Peter Eisentraut
Sun  10:00-10:45 H.1308 Transactional Roll-backs and Upgrades John Thomson
Sun  10:00-10:45 H.1302 Packaging perl and CPAN modules Gabor Szabo
Sun  10:45-11:30 H.1308 The youri project Guillaume Rousse
Sun  10:45-11:30 H.1302 Config::Model and configuration upgrades during package upgrade Dominique Dumont
Sun  11:30-12:15 H.1308 Cross-distro packaging experience with the openSUSE Buildservice Adrian Schroeter
Sun  11:30-12:15 H.1302 NixOS' configuration system Nicolas Pierron
Sun  12:15-13:00 H.1308 Shared libraries in Debian Sune Vuorela
Sun  12:15-13:00 H.1302 Cross distro packaging with (top)git Thomas Koch
Sun  13:00-13:45 H.1308 Cross-distro dependency resolution: reusing solvers among distros Stefano Zacchiroli
Sun  13:00-13:45 H.1302 RPM packaging collaboration Pavol Rusnak
Sun  13:45-14:30 H.1308 Debian and Ubuntu Lucas Nussbaum
Sun  14:45-15:30 H.1308 Transactionally Protected Package Management Jeff Johnson
Sun  14:45-15:30 H.1302 Distribution Image building with KIWI Christopher Hofmann
Sun  15:30-16:15 H.1308 Continuous Packaging with Bruno Cornec
Sun  15:30-16:15 H.1302 Dracut - a generic, modular initramfs generation tool Harald Hoyer
Sun  16:15-17:00 H.1308 Debian Secrets: power tools for power users Wouter Verhelst
Sun  16:15-17:00 H.1302 SUSE Studio Matt Barringer