FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.



Capacity: 100 seats

Saturday 2009-02-07
When Track Event Speaker
13:00-13:15 openSUSE Welcome to the openSUSE devroom Martin Lasarsch
13:15-13:45 openSUSE Who can you trust ? Marko Jung
13:45-14:30 openSUSE openSUSE Community Dinar Valeev
14:30-14:45 openSUSE openSUSE Build Service overview Adrian Schroeter
14:45-15:30 openSUSE Collaboration in the openSUSE Build Service Hendrik Vogelsang
15:30-16:15 openSUSE Putting Cross Development Support into OBS Martin Mohring
16:15-17:00 openSUSE Create your own Linux Distribution Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel
17:00-17:45 openSUSE Creating customized openSUSE versions with SUSE Studio Daniel Bornkessel
17:45-18:15 openSUSE Legal aspects of distribution development Jürgen Weigert
18:15-19:00 openSUSE Apport - Automatic Application Crash Reporting for openSUSE Jan Blunck
Sunday 2009-02-08
When Track Event Speaker
10:00-10:45 openSUSE openSUSE education Andrea Florio
10:45-11:15 openSUSE Zypper - openSUSE's command line software manager Ján Kupec
11:15-12:00 openSUSE Wine - the free Windows Emulator Marcus Meissner
12:00-12:45 openSUSE MirrorBrain - Free CDN for Free Software Projects Peter Poeml
12:45-13:30 openSUSE openSUSE on Netbooks Stefan Seyfried
13:30-14:15 openSUSE YaST2 - Future Roadmap Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett
14:15-14:45 openSUSE openFATE - How to get your most wanted features into openSUSE Thomas Schmidt
14:45-15:30 openSUSE Architecture of Collaboration Brent McConnell
15:30-16:15 openSUSE Bits from your GNOME team (with build service fun inside!) Vincent Untz
16:15-17:00 openSUSE Putting the 'open' in openSUSE : Community-driven KDE development Will Stephenson