Mozilla Europe supports FOSDEM

From the start, FOSDEM has been organized to help Free and Open Source software developers meet and exchange ideas.
It has been a big satisfaction to see Mozilla Europe taking up on this opportunity since 2002.

The feeling appears mutual because this year, Mozilla Europe is supporting FOSDEM financially. The fact that this is Mozilla Europe's own initiative, with no strings attached, makes it even more appreciated.

A big thanks to Mozilla Europe !

More developer room schedules

Almost all Developer Room schedules are now online.

The following schedules have been added today:

Donation return gifts

The complete list of donation return gifts is now available, on

Donating some money to FOSDEM helps to keep the event alive and kicking!

LPI Level 3 exams at FOSDEM

At FOSDEM 2007 for the first time worldwide after the launch of the new program, all visitors have the opportunity to take a paper based LPI Level 3 exam.

The price for FOSDEM attendants will be € 60,- (that's more than a 60% discount) for both 301 and 302, both only in English like the others. This is a special low price for the introduction of the new exams, later the price will be higher.

Closing keynote by Georg Greve

FSFE's Georg Greve will do this year's Closing Keynote, on the topic of "Beyond GPLv3: Free Software today and tomorrow".

LPI Certification Exams at FOSDEM

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) gives visitors the opportunity of doing LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams at FOSDEM again, at a 50% rebate off the official rate.

LPI Certification Exams at FOSDEM

LPI Offers Discounted Certification Exams at FOSDEM 2007

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will offer discounted certification exams to attendees of FOSDEM 2007.

Exams will be in the English language and include all LPIC-1 (101 and 102), LPIC-2 (201 and 202) and LPIC-3 (301) exams, as well as MySQL 5.0 certification exams (administrator and developer).

All exams will be held in Room Lameere (in the U building) on both days of the event.
For the exact schedule of the exam sessions, see below.

Conference attendees will pay 60,- EUR for the LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 exams -- a 50% discount off the regular price for LPIC-1/LPIC-2 and more than a 60% discount off the price of LPIC-3 exams.
MySQL 5.0 exams (MySQL 5.0 Developer I, MySQL 5.0 Developer II, MySQL 5.0 DBA I and MySQL 5.0 DBA II) are all at 85,- EUR which is a 50% discount too.
All candidates can pay for their exams at the exam room by cash.

Registrations have been closed as of 2007-02-23 -- for last-minute participation, register directly with Klaus Behrla, in the exam room (Lameere)

All LPI candidates must pre-register at the LPI website for an LPI ID number at the following URL:

For the MySQL 5.0 Certification Exams, candidates must obtain a MySQL certification ID from the MySQL website instead, at

Exam candidates must bring valid photo identification and their LPI ID number to the exam lab.
For the MySQL 5.0 exams, candidates must bring valid photo identification and their MySQL certification ID.

Due to limited seating at the event (50 candidates per session), candidates for all exams are advised to pre-register at

Sponsored refund

Think-Wize, one of our sponsors, will refund the 5 best LPI exam scores through their donation to FOSDEM

Certification exam session schedule

All exam sessions will be held in the room "Lameere" in the "U" building.

See here for the schedule of LPI certification exams:

About LPI

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is an internationally recognized, vendor-independent organization advocating and assisting the professional use of Linux, Open Source and Free Software, through the certification of Linux professionals. Established as a non-profit organization in 1999, LPI is community based and supported. LPI’s certification program is delivered worldwide in multiple languages at over 7,000 testing locations and is supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents. The organization has delivered over 120,000+ LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams and 35,000+ certifications, globally, since the program’s inception.

Keysigning party at FOSDEM 2007

Like previous years, there will be a keysigning party at FOSDEM 2007.

CAcert Signing

More information will come soon

GPG/PGP Keysigning

If you want to participate, send your key to You should receive an automated acknowledgement within one or two hours (if you don't, then something has gone wrong and you should contact Wouter). This mail will be piped into gpg --import, so make sure that will work.

FOSDEM Beer Event

As every year, we're organizing the FOSDEM beer event at the Roy d'Espagne on Friday night before FOSDEM (23 February).

The Roy d'Espagne is a very nice café on the Grand Place in Brussels, certainly one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

As usual, the Estaminet will be ours for the night.

While coming over to Brussels to attend FOSDEM, don't miss this great opportunity to taste some of the finest beer in Belgium (and, hence, in the world).

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