2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

Support the FOSDEM organisation and get a return!

FOSDEM is an event for the community, by the community. As such, we think it is important to keep access to the event free.
It is organised by volunteers who don't get paid and don't have commercial interests in the event.
However, as you can expect, organising such an event costs a lot of money.

The primary characteristic of FOSDEM is that it is a non-commercial event. To keep it that way, we think the best way to fund the event is to ask for support from the open source community on a voluntary basis. We ask that you support us by making a voluntary donation. To thank donators, we have produced some packages in return for their support for the 2006 edition, which may continue for other editions. Here is a description of the packages corresponding to the amount contributed:
  • 25 euros : the FOSDEM T-shirt
  • 50 euros : T-shirt + O'Reilly pocket guide
  • 100 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book
  • 150 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book + participation in the draw to get 5 books of your choice from O'Reilly (2 winners of 5 books).
  • 200 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book + participation in the draw to receive 1 Sun Opteron workstation; we have 2 Sun workstations (Sun Ultra 20 with 1 GB, 80 GB HD, DVD, ...) to give to FOSDEM donators.
You can send us a donation when you want, but only the donations made before Wednesday February 22, 2006 will be taken into consideration for these withdraws.

All donators of 25 euros or more enter a contest to win magazine subscriptions (English, Dutch, French and Spanish).

FOSDEM ASBL/VZW (the non-profit association) was founded in April 2002. Donations will sadly enough not be tax deductible.

So, how can I contribute to FOSDEM?
First, you need an account on Please fill in all fields. After that, it's as simple as a bank transfer to the following account number :

AccountAccount holderBank information
IBAN: BE81 3101 6130 4824
Rue Saint-Roch 36
B-1360 Perwez
ING Belgium
Avenue Marnixlaan, 24
B-1000 Brussels

Write, as reference (communication), the login of your account on .

To avoid any problems in the future, read the following VERY CAREFULLY: you don't buy these items from FOSDEM. We give this to you to thank you for your support. We don't guarantee anything. In case of problems (whatever that may be), we can't give you your money back.

For further questions, you can send a mail to

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