2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Crispin Cowan

Subject: Architect of the AppArmor Project
Talk slides: slides.apparmor.sxi

David Roundy

Subject: Lead Developer of the Darcs Project
Talk slides: slides.darcs.pdf

Jason Huggins

Subject: Original Author and Core Team Member of Selenium
Talk slides:

Jean-Marc Valin

Subject: Main Author and Maintainer of Speex
Talk slides: slides.speex.tar.gz

Jon Haslam

Subject: DTrace Project
Talk slides: slides.dtrace.pdf

Julian Seward

Subject: Valgrind Founder and Project Lead
Talk slides: seward.odp

Mark Spencer

Subject: Founder of Asterisk
Talk slides: fosdem-asterisk.sxi

Massimiliano Pala

Subject: OpenCA Project Manager and Chief Designer
Talk slides: slides.openca.tar.gz

Michael Meeks

Talk slides: ooo-talk.odp

Uriel M. Pereira

Subject: Plan 9 Hacker
Talk slides: slides.plan9.pdf

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