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[ 26-04-2006 ]
Interview with Richard Stallman

At this website you will find an interview with Richard Stallman, made at Fosdem.
In this interview we talk with Richard Stallman, the keynote speaker at Fosdem 2006. Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU project.
We talk briefly about the drafting process of the upcoming version of the GNU GPL (reports of GPL-v3 related events). Then Richard talks about a whole range of issues that are very much relevant to free and open source software and user freedom in general, namely Digital Rights/Restrictions Management, CRAP, software patents, and HDTV. Video
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[ 14-03-2006 ]
Lecture slides online

Slides are coming online, you will find them in the slides menu at your left
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[ 10-03-2006 ]
Lecture video's online

From now on you can download the recorded lectures from our Belnet mirror.
You can either download the files using ftp or http:

If you are a provider and can mirror these files, feel free to contact FOSDEM for more information about synchronizing and providing a link on this website.

PS: the slides will be available very soon
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[ 28-02-2006 ]
FOSDEM 2006 Over

Thanks to all those who made FOSDEM 2006 a success: all visitors for their enthousiasms, all speakers for the interesting content, all laptop owners for their patience with the network ;-) , all donators for their important support, all people who helped for... their help.
To make 2007 even better, remember you can send your feedback to .

Also, we created a page on the wiki to list all reports about FOSDEM 2006 posted on the web: Wiki Fosdem2006Reports Page

Pictures are appearing on flickr with the fosdem2006 tag...see previous news for more information.
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[ 28-02-2006 ]
Lost and Found

If you have lost valuable things, they might have been found by the FOSDEM staff or visitors. You should promptly send an email to with a description of what you lost.

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