2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Richard M Stallman

Leader of the FSF


Free Software Foundation

Richard Matthew Stallman (frequently abbreviated to RMS) is the founder of the free software movement, the GNU project, and the Free Software Foundation. An acclaimed programmer, his major accomplishments include Emacs (and the later GNU Emacs), the GNU C Compiler, and the GNU Debugger. He is also the author of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL), the most widely-used free software license, which pioneered the concept of the copyleft.

Since the mid-1990s, Stallman has spent most of his time as a political campaigner, advocating free software and campaigning against software idea patents and expansions of copyright law.

Richard was present at the first edition of OSDEM in 2001, where he talked to us about the danger of software patents and of course about Free Software. He will be there once again, for the sixth time in a row.

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Free Software
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