2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

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[ 14-03-2006 ]
Lecture slides online

Slides are coming online, you will find them in the slides menu at your left
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[ 10-03-2006 ]
Lecture video's online

From now on you can download the recorded lectures from our Belnet mirror.
You can either download the files using ftp or http:

If you are a provider and can mirror these files, feel free to contact FOSDEM for more information about synchronizing and providing a link on this website.

PS: the slides will be available very soon
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[ 28-02-2006 ]
FOSDEM 2006 Over

Thanks to all those who made FOSDEM 2006 a success: all visitors for their enthousiasms, all speakers for the interesting content, all laptop owners for their patience with the network ;-) , all donators for their important support, all people who helped for... their help.
To make 2007 even better, remember you can send your feedback to .

Also, we created a page on the wiki to list all reports about FOSDEM 2006 posted on the web: Wiki Fosdem2006Reports Page

Pictures are appearing on flickr with the fosdem2006 tag...see previous news for more information.
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[ 18-02-2006 ]
FOSDEM 2006 Survival Map

Download and print these complete schedule grids that include every single talk held at FOSDEM 2006. Your perfect companion to the event. Note: these won't be distributed at the event, as the FOSDEM booklet (that is available for free at the InfoDesk) already includes all the schedules; nevertheless, these PDFs provide a grid that gives a better overview, so better download and print one of them, and take it with you to the event.
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[ 15-02-2006 ]
FOSDEM InfoDesk Phone Number

For urgent issues, you may now contact the FOSDEM InfoDesk team by phone: +32 2 788 74 74

The line is open now and until the end of the event.

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