2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Tcl/Tk developers' room Schedule

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Saturday Feb 25th 2006
14:00 Intro to Tcl/Tk Introductory tutorial for Non-Tcl users.
Clif Flynt
15:00 GUI for ASIC verification Thesis presentation about real life Tcl application
Karel Nijs
16:00 Hecl - Scripting for mobile phones Presentation of the Hecl scripting language.
David N. Welton
Sunday Feb 26th 2006
10:00 OO In Tcl New Object Oriented features in Tcl
Donal Fellows
11:00 TkTest Cross platform, networked GUI testing with Tk
Clif Flynt
12:00 Tcl for Regression testing Approximate matching for testing applications that aren't perfectly repeatable.
Arjen Markus
14:00 Write a Game (workshop) We'll put together a network oriented, multiplayer game
Clif Flynt
16:00 Wrapup and Review Discussion and planning for 2007


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