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News [ 02-02-2006 ]
Schedule is online

The preliminary schedule for the KDE DevRoom is online. The KDE DevRoom will be opend 13.30 - 17.30 on saturday and 9.30-17.30 on sunday.

Saturday will feature a talk about the Kubuntu Linux distribution, a KDE version of the famous Ubuntu Linux presented by Jonathan Riddell.
Sebastian Kügler will talk about issues in marketing free software projects, taking KDE as an example.

Sunday is Koffice Day. Krita, the KDE imaging software will be presented by one of its developers, Bart Coppens. Raphael Langerhorst will show how well KOffice does fit in enterprise environments.
A couple of quickies will give interesting insight in automation of taking screenshots, issues designing the user interface, amongst others.

Be there!

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