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Recent News

The Open Source and Free Software Developers' Meeting...

... is renamed to FOSDEM to underline the importance of Free Software. The new URL is http://www.fosdem.org. The next edition will take place in Brussels on February 16 & 17, 2002! Planning is well under way and it's going to be a great event with free entrance (but please sign up). We look forward to seeing you there.

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Current News --

It's over....

The OSDEM (FOSSDEM ;-) was fun to attend and organise. Thanks to all people present (600+ saturday, 400+ sunday) and the good atmosphere of the meeting, it has been fun this week-end.
It is planned to organise another meeting next year, and we'll keep it "not corporate oriented". To ensure it, we'll sing again, but we don't know which song yet. Any idea? ;-)
The most important thing is that developers exchanged ideas, as proven by spontaneous discussion that happened in the classrooms near the hacking room.

If you took pictures (some are already available thanks to Ramses) you should send them to pics@osdem.org. Recorded sessions and so on will be available later on the OSDEM website. A feedback form, similar as the one we distributed sunday, will be put online.
Some did already put some summaries online: check Jorrit's, Arterm's, Mathieu's, Sebastian's (in german), David's, Arto's. IDG put a report of RMS' talk.

You can check out the recording of several talks on the Opensource-tv.com site. We're looking to make it available in an open format asap. A DVD will also be made available. More details on that later.
The mailing list will be the main communication mean to update you about the advancement of the next OSDEM.

Conference Program