Welcome to the Office suites and productivity corner!

We might not always like it, but office suites are of the most important software currently existing. Free and open source software has a very strong presence here, and these stands show that.

CiviCRM logo

CiviCRM is used by many organizations - including Amnesty International, Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, CERN and the Wikimedia Foundation - for their contact management, membership...

LibreOffice logo

LibreOffice is a powerful FOSS office suite used by millions of people around the world. LibreOffice has many areas you can contribute to and only some of them require programming skills. Please...

Matrix logo

Matrix is an open protocol for secure, decentralised communication: an end-to-end-encrypted real-time communication layer for the open Web suitable for instant messaging, VoIP, forums and more.


ONLYOFFICE is an open-source project with the focus on advanced and secure document processing trusted by over 7 million users worldwide.