FOSDEM 2022 Stands

Welcome to the FOSDEM 2022 Stands website!

FOSDEM 2022 is our second fully online edition, and FOSDEM would not be FOSDEM without stands; so welcome to our fully online stands display website!

Online stands may seem a bit different from physical stands, but not a lot has changed. We have about 40 stands, organised per theme. Normally, we would also split them per building, but this year we decided not to do so ;-)

Visit a stand by clicking on their logo. You can interact with them by clicking on the Join the conversation! link on each stand page and in the overview, which will take you to the Matrix chatroom created for each stand. See our practical information page for more information!

Some stands have added slots where interesting people from the community will be present in the chat. Click on stand events @ FOSDEM to find out what is going to happen when. Others have provided some videos or demoes, these are accessed by clicking on videos from on each stand page.

Enjoy the conference! If you have further questions, you can find us at the Infodesk!

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