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CiviCRM is used by many organizations - including Amnesty International, Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, CERN and the Wikimedia Foundation - for their contact management, membership management, fundraising, event management, and mass mailings.



Welcome to CiviCRM

Your introduction to CiviCRM and our community.

CiviCRM in a nutshell

An overview of CiviCRM's core functionality and features.

CiviCRM Drupal Integration

A demonstration of Drupal Webform integration with CiviCRM and integrating CiviCRM into Drupal entities.

CiviCRM Form Builder and SearchKit

Experience the future of CiviCRM with Form Builder and SearchKit.

Case Study: Amnesty International

See how Amnesty International use CiviCRM to help them achieve their mission.

CiviCRM Development

Get an introduction to the CiviCRM development process/workflow.

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Do you manage contacts, manage memberships, send newsletters, receive online donations, and/or manage events in your organization/company?

Of course you want to do this with a robust and mature open source tool: CiviCRM.

It is used by not-for-profit organizations, membership organizations, NGOs, universities... worldwide.

Discover how CiviCRM can be used in your organization!

If you are a PHP/MySQL/Javascript/AngularJS developer with knowledge of Drupal/Wordpress/Backdrop/Joomla and you are looking for a new challenge in a free and open source project then you should come and talk to us!

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SearchKit seeks to unify search and reporting within CiviCRM by leveraging the power of APIv4 and Form Builder. This initiative will super-charge access to the data held within CiviCRM instances in ways we could previously only imagine!

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Form Builder

Form Builder seeks to provide a customisable (drag and drop) forms system for CiviCRM for public facing and administrative (configuration/settings) forms. Forms which are ACL and relationship aware, capitalising on the strengths of CiviCRM!

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Webform CiviCRM
Webform CiviCRM

Webform CiviCRM bridges the gap between Drupal's powerful Webform form-builder module and CiviCRM's information storage, payment, activity and membership systems. Allowing beautifully crafted frontend experiences for CiviCRM data interaction.

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Welcome to the CiviCRM stand