Welcome to the ONLYOFFICE stand!

ONLYOFFICE is an open-source project with the focus on advanced and secure document processing trusted by over 7 million users worldwide.

Designed to make collaboration easy

ONLYOFFICE Docs: powerful online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to use within any sync&share and DMS service or embed into your own solution (AGPL v.3).
  • Highest compatibility with OOXML formats
  • Support for all popular formats, including ODF, TXT, PDF, RTF, CSV, etc.
  • Expert-level editing functionality (+ collection of plugins)
  • Seamless collaboration (real-time and paragraph-locking co-editing modes, comments, mentions, track changes, built-in chat, doc comparison, version history)
  • Flexible document permissions (read-only, review, comment, fill forms, custom filter)
  • Data security and control (private server deployment, data encryption, JWT, configurable cache lifetime, restriction on copying/downloading/printing, watermarking)
  • Multiple distribution formats (.deb, .rpm, Docker, snap, UCS app, Cloudron, AMI, DigitalOcean 1-Click app, Kubernetes)

ONLYOFFICE Groups: self-hosted online collaboration platform which comprises multiple productivity tools along with the admin panel (Apache 2.0).
  • Completely free and open-source
  • Full set of productivity tools (document and file management with the integrated multimedia player, project management system, mail, CRM, calendars, blogs, forums, wiki, polls, bookmarks, etc.)
  • Connecting external services for logging, signing, authentication, storage, and more
  • Custom modules
  • Intuitive admin panel for easy platform management and configuration
  • Data security (HTTPS, encryption at rest, 2FA, login history, audit trail, data backups, etc.)
  • Multitenancy
  • Branding options (built-in color themes, replacing logos, titles, links)
  • Easy start (available as .deb, .rpm, .exe, Docker image)

ONLYOFFICE Workspace: a complete self-hosted solution for team management and collaboration.
  • All apps in one bundle (ONLYOFFICE Docs, Groups, Mail Server for corporate mailboxes and Talk for instant messages)
  • Reinforced data security (3 levels of encryption - at rest / in transit / E2EE, 2FA, SSO, LDAP, authentication filtering and monitoring, data backup and recovery, and more)
  • Compliance with security standards (GDPR, HIPAA)
  • Private Rooms for true end-to-end encrypted doc storing, editing, and co-authoring
  • Seamless administration and customization
  • Branding
  • Multitenancy
  • Different ways to deploy ( .deb, .rpm, .exe, Docker image, Docker script, AMI, OVHcloud Marketplace)


Our goal is to make secure and reliable open-source software available for everybody. Come join us to exchange experiences and ideas and contribute to further FOSS development!
Our program at FOSDEM:
15:30 - 16:00: Our talk ‘Introducing ONLYOFFICE Forms for paperwork automation and smart collaboration’ in the D.collab devroom, presented by Alex Mikheev.
entire day: We’re available at our virtual stand to answer all your questions.
entire day: We’re available at our virtual stand to answer all your questions.
Welcome to the ONLYOFFICE stand


In 2021, we made lots of useful enhancements in all ONLYOFFICE solutions.
New productivity features in ONLYOFFICE Docs:
  • In documents: Table of figures, Text to table/Table to text conversion, support of XML, HTML, EPUB, FB2, automatic capitalization of first letters in sentences.
  • In spreadsheets: Conditional Formatting, data validation, slicers, custom number formats, data import from CSV and TXT.
  • In presentations: transparency settings, hiding notes panel.
  • In all editors: enhanced spell-checking, hints for writing macros, adding files to Favorites.
New plugins
  • Grammalecte and LanguageTool to check spelling and grammar.
  • DeepL and Apertium to translate texts.
  • Telegram to chat without leaving the editors.
  • HTML to work with content for web pages.
  • Word Counter to calculate characters, words, and paragraphs.
More efficient collaboration
  • Smooth comments management: you can resolve and delete all comments in an abstract or the entire document.
  • Version history for presentations to restore previous versions of slideshows.
  • Names for anonymous users: guests can introduce themselves in a document.
New security features:
  • Password protection for documents online and in the desktop app.
  • Digital signatures to protect data integrity in transit.
  • Support for WOPI protocol.
  • New connectors for Jira, Redmine, FileCloud, OpenKM, Mattermost, Moodle.
  • Multiple enhancements for the existing integrations, including Nextcloud, ownCloud, Confluence, Chamilo, Alfresco, etc.
What else, ONLYOFFICE got Gold in the Cloud Computing Insider Awards 2021 in the category File Sharing & Collaboration.


On 18 January 2022, we released a big update — ONLYOFFICE 7.0.
OFORMs: Create, collaborate on and fill online forms to create documents from templates. Forms can be exported in fillable PDF and DOCX.
New useful features
  • Password protection for spreadsheet files and separate sheets;
  • Query tables (correct opening and saving);
  • Hyperlink autocorrection - now also in documents and presentations;
  • Mail Merge from local files and URLs;
  • Transitions tab in presentations;
  • Viewing animations in presentations;
  • Presentation export to PNG and JPG.
  • Version History in spreadsheets;
  • Comment sorting;
  • Two display modes for reviewing tracked changes: balloons and tooltips;
  • Ability to see other users’ selection in spreadsheets.
Usability & accessibility
  • Full dark mode with dark canvas and contrasting content in text documents;
  • Keyboard shortcuts with hints;
  • Up to 500% zoom.
Pro features now available in the free community version
  • Content Controls;
  • Document Comparison;
  • Sheet Views.
Learn more in the official blog / on GitHub / in video overview. You can also watch the recording of the live announcement.

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