Welcome our themes page!

There are over 50 stands at FOSDEM, and it is not always easy to find what you are looking for. To ease your search, we have organised all stands per theme, so related projects are closer together.

Not only can you find your favourite stand easier and faster, but it also allows related projects to talk to each other and maybe collaborate on common issues. We encourage fraternizing!

Community advocacy

Free and Open Source software is made by communities. These stands have one thing in common: creating communities and bringing them together.

Database engines

Behind every application is a database, and a lot of them are built on free and open source software. Discover old favourites and new players.

Desktop environments

Without a desktop environment, Linux would just be a kernel. Discover how your system is going to look in the next few years.

Developer environment

Developers! Developers! Developers! What tools do they use? An editor, a version management tool and continuous integration is what you will find here.


Whether it is children or adults, all these stands are devoted to helping anyone to learn something new; whether it is technical or not.


We all need some time to blow off steam. Free and open source gaming is booming, and you can see that here.


It is new and it is coming. Free and open source hardware is ready to take over the world. See what is going to happen with your PC, server or laptop here.

Multimedia and graphics

Graphics software, multimedia editing, video hardware; in short anything that is related to free and open source software, multimedia and graphics.

Office suites and productivity

We might not always like it, but office suites are of the most important software currently existing. Free and open source software has a very strong presence here, and these stands show that.

Operating Systems

The one thing most of us associate with free and open source software: operating systems. Always a strong presence at FOSDEM, they are back for more. Find out what is new here!

Programming languages

Without programming languages, free and open source software would not exist. What is new in the programming world? How is free and open source software working in that field? Find it out here.

System administration

System administration is built on free and open source software. Discover everything that is new in managing large amounts of servers in these stands.

World wide web

The world wide web is our portal to the world. Without free and open source software, the web as we know would not exist. Find out what the future holds!