Welcome to the Pharo stand!

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback (think IDE and OS rolled into one).

Pharo @ FOSDEM

Come to our stand to meet the community behind Pharo. Meet key engineers and researchers behind the language development. Meet the rich multiple communities that pharo hubs, from radically different origins. From public research to private business, from software & language research & development to human rights hacktivism, Pharo community is a really rich meltingpot of international technological improvement, political struggle and beautiful human exchange!

A glimpse of Pharo

$ wget -O- https://get.pharo.org/64 | bash 
$ ./pharo Pharo.image eval "42 factorial"


  • Simple & powerful language: No constructors, no types declaration, no interfaces, no primitive types. Yet a powerful and elegant language with a full syntax fitting in one postcard! Pharo is objects and messages all the way down.
  • Live, immersive environment: Immediate feedback at any moment of your development: Developing, testing, debugging. Even in production environments, you will never be stuck in compiling and deploying steps again!
  • Amazing debugging experience: The Pharo environment includes a debugger unlike anything you've seen before. It allows you to step through code, restart the execution of methods, create methods on the fly, and much more!
  • Pharo is yours: Pharo is made by an incredible community, with more than 100 contributors for the last revision of the platform and hundreds of people contributing constantly with frameworks and libraries.
  • Fully open-source: Pharo full stack is released under MIT License and available on GitHub


You may join us on our different communications endpoints :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/QewZMZa
Mailing List: https://lists.pharo.org/
PharoWeekly: https://pharoweekly.wordpress.com/
PharoDev: https://thepharo.dev/
Twitter: @pharoproject
This video presents a short teaser of the last European Smalltalk User Group conference. An excellent meeting point for the Pharo community and all the smalltalk community in general.
Link: View Video

Pharo in 2022

Pharo language has two faces, the industrial face and the research face. This last year we have been brewing many new things.
  • Language/VM: We have extended the JIT Compiler, implemented a large battery of tests. Extend it to ARM64bits. We implemented a new system for threaded FFI calls, that allow us to have partial parallelism. We added new technologies on concurrent programming, that allow consistent definition of tasks and at some point binding with FFI threads if it is the case.
  • IDE: We are working on automated distributed testing for reduce the testing time of the projects, allowing the developers to quickly run tests on development. We have been developing bindings to GTK, and extending our own IDE to have multiple bindings (so far, GTK and Morphic -a native approach-). We are beta testing our new debugger, and inspecting tools for live programming development. Including replay, object specific debugging, and other state of the art features. We implemented a markdown subset parser and rendered for having the language comments written in markdown
  • Learning: Full new Mooc online