Pharo Community

One of the key points of Pharo is its great community. This community is an open point for exchanging ideas, getting help, learn, teach, and to contribute to Pharo itself. Our community expands all over the world. From people in different countries.


Our main hanging out is in Discord. You can get an invitation to our server through In the Discord server, there is always a lot of activity. As our members are from a lot of different countries, it has activity in all time-zones. Also, in the server there are place to have interactions in different languages, for beginners, advance users, hobbyist or professional users.

Mailing List

Even though most of the interactions nowadays happen in the Discord server, we still have a very active mailing list. It is great for any long lasting discussion or asking for help. There is always someone ready to answer, sometimes faster than expected. This is also a nice place to share and participate. To register please go to:


A lot of members of the community have their own blogs. They are really cool. Also, we have two to publish the news of Pharo.


Short regular publications about the news that happens in Pharo, in the community or in selected libraries and tools. You can visit it in


In this blog we present the more deep discussions and analysis of interesting technical stuff related with the development of Pharo, tools for it or libraries available. A nice place to find more information for the more technical users You can visit it in

Community Interview

As said, out community expands all over the world. Also, Pharo users come to the community from different origins and with different objectives. In this section, we present two interviews to two members of the community. To show different kinds of users and uses of Pharo.

Gabriel Cotelli

Gabriel is a professional developer that uses Pharo in his daily work. Also, he is member of the Buenos Aires Smalltalk Group. A group of smalltalk users in the metropolitan Buenos Aires area in Argentina. In this presentation he talks us about his work, the community he is member and why using Pharo is important for them. View Video

Offray Luna

Offray is a Colombian activist and hacker, he is part of a bigger Colombian community of hackers and activists working for the extension of digital freedoms. He talks us about the importance of this fight, the community where he belongs and how they use Pharo and other tools to achieve their objectives. View Video