MariaDB for Oracle users

MariaDB Server has an Oracle mode, simulating most Oracle syntax, making it the perfect choice for users looking to move to an open source database.

DBS Bank, one of Asia’s leading banks, have switched from Oracle to MariaDB. This discussion between Kamalakannan Annathurai and Kaj Arnö focuses on the MariaDB release policy, and covers what DBS Bank currently do, the impact of the current release policy, and suggestions for the future.

Getting started with MariaDB Server

You can download MariaDB Server from our website. You can also read more about how to use MariaDB Server from one of the resources below:

MariaDB Server bug reporting

First, check that the bug isn't already filed in the MariaDB bugs database. or the MySQL bugs database. For the MariaDB bugs database, use JIRA search to check if a report you are going to submit already exists.

Help steer MariaDB, your opinion matters

MariaDB Server has historically relied on the community for feedback and to supplement the in-house QA process. The easiest way to contribute to MariaDB Server is to try out our development releases. Offer us feedback as soon as possible so we can spot bugs early and improve quickly. Our roadmap and bugs database is hosted at All bug reports get attention and help keep MariaDB Server a robust, reliable and performant database. Feature requests are also welcome.

MariaDB Server and related tools are tested thoroughly within our buildbot infrastructure. A complete testing system is necessary for a project to continue. has made it easy to contribute computing resources to our system.