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MariaDB Server, the open source relational database, is part of most cloud offerings and the default in most Linux distributions.

MariaDB Foundation @ FOSDEM

The MariaDB Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem. The MariaDB Foundation supports continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem. The Foundation guarantees that there is a global contact point for collaboration and that the community can always rely upon MariaDB Server.

The Foundation’s staff support MariaDB Server by:

  • Encouraging adoption, contribution and distribution of MariaDB Server and related open source software.
  • Helping new contributors understand the source code and lowering the barrier for new participants.
  • Participating in the design of new features, ensuring the code quality and maintainability of the codebase while the number of contributors is growing.
  • Making sure documentation keeps up with the development of new features.
  • Porting and packaging MariaDB to different platforms and operating systems to keep it as widely available as possible.
  • Speaking at events and driving adoption.

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MariaDB Foundation in 2022

MariaDB Server 10.6 was released as GA in July 2021.

Highlights include:

  • Improved readability for DDL (Data Definition Language) operations to make most of them atomic, and the rest crash-safe, even if the server crashes in the middle of an operation.
  • Adding SELECT ... SKIP LOCKED syntax for InnoDB only that causes those rows that couldn't be locked to be excluded from the result set.
  • Ignored indexes which are indexes that are visible and maintained, but which are not used by the optimizer.
  • Implement SQL-standard Offset and Fetch clauses for the SELECT expression.
  • Optimizations that speed up inserts into an empty table
  • Increase the maximum length of the MASTER_HOST string from 60 characters in MariaDB 10.5, to 255 characters in MariaDB 10.6.
  • Allow transition from unencrypted to TLS Galera cluster communication without cluster downtime

You can read more about MariaDB Server 10.6 here.

In 2021 MariaDB Server 10.7 and MariaDB Server 10.8 launched having a new release model. The new release model aims to allow users to preview the main features of a release before it is incorporated in the stable (GA) release. In the meantime users can test the features, send bug reports and give feedback to MariaDB. Some notable featured for the two releases are:

  • MariaDB Server 10.7
    • UUID Data Type
    • Natural Sort
    • Compression Provider Plugins
    • JSON Histograms
    • Python-like String Formatting
    • Password Reuse Check Plugin
    • InnoDB Bulk Insert
  • MariaDB Server 10.8
    • IN, OUT, and INOUT/IN OUT parameters in CREATE FUNCTION
    • InnoDB redo log improvements
    • Descending indexes
    • Auto create partition
    • Windows – Improved i18n support
    • Lag free ALTER TABLE in replication

Read more about all the features included in MariaDB Server 10.7 and MariaDB Server 10.8.

In 2021 the MariaDB Foundation has hosted four new online conferences:

You can find more about MariaDB Foundation's events here.


Timezone: Central European Time (CET)

Event Speakers Start End


  Welcome to the MariaDB devroom Ian Gilfillan 10:00 10:05
  MariaDB Server's new release model Michael "Monty" Widenius 10:05 10:25
  What is new in mariadb 10.6 ? Praveen GR 10:25 10:45
  New features in MariaDB 10.7 and MariaDB 10.8 Ian Gilfillan 10:45 11:10
  MariaDB Server on macOS
Does it make sense to even try?
Valerii Kravchuk 11:10 11:35
  Improved histograms in MariaDB 10.8 Sergei Petrunia 11:35 12:00
  Performance oriented InnoDB log format changes
How InnoDB crash recovery works
Marko Mäkelä 12:00 12:30
  MariaDB Optimizer - ongoing development and changes Michael "Monty" Widenius 12:30 12:55
  MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.6 Peter Zaitsev 13:00 13:30
  MariaDB Point-in-Time-Recovery Oli Sennhauser 13:30 13:50
  Mariabackup + Restic: a simple and efficient online backup solution for your DBs Faustin Lammler 13:50 14:20
  MariaDB DENY command
Upcoming functionality for sysadmins and database service providers
Vicentiu Ciorbaru 14:20 14:45
  MariaDB Galera Cluster and M/S replication Oli Sennhauser 14:45 15:10
  Ten Tips for Better MariaDB Performance Peter Zaitsev 15:15 15:45
  Creative uses of triggers
Things you people wouldn't believe
Federico Razzoli 15:45 16:10
  MariaDB Connection ID Oli Sennhauser 16:15 16:40
  More on bpftrace for MariaDB DBAs and Developers
Summary of recent experience
Valerii Kravchuk 16:40 17:05
  Introducing MYSQL_JSON plugin Anel Husakovic 17:05 17:35
  The future of databases is confidential Felix Schuster 17:35 18:00

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