Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Tobie Langel

Photo of Tobie Langel

Tobie Langel is the founder of UnlockOpen, a boutique consulting firm that helps large organizations build a strong open source culture and leverage it to recruit, retain, and foster top software engineering talent, improve team efficiency, and boost innovation.

His clients include Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Mozilla.

Tobie Langel is the facilitator of AMP’s Advisory Committee and sits on the Advisory Board of OASIS Open Projects.

Previously, he was a member of Facebook’s Open Source and Web Standards team, and was Facebook’s Advisory Committee representative at W3C.

Tobie Langel is known for having co-maintained the Prototype JavaScript Framework. He also edited a number of Web standards, including WebIDL, and led W3C’s Web platform testing effort.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Does open source need its own Priority of Constituencies? Sunday Community devroom 11:35 12:05