Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Sixtus Chizaram Isaac

Photo of Sixtus Chizaram Isaac

DESIGNATION Brand/Visual Designer. Founder, Creative Discourse.

BIO Isaac(he/his) is a purposed designer from Nigeria geared towards providing creative solutions to communities & organisations especially in the sphere of visual/brand communication design. He is enthusiastic about contributing and advocating for the open design space which has pumped his quest to solve real-life problems with creativity.

Isaac is currently a Track (Users & Editors) for the Drupal Conference in Barcelona Europe 2020. He is a founder of a creative community “Creative Discourse” that helps to teach and develop creators in Africa! He speaks Chinese too :)



Title Day Room Track Start End
Ways to Contribute to OS Projects Without Writing Line(s) of Code Sunday Open Source Design 13:00 13:20