Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Randal Linden

Photo of Randal Linden

Randal Linden is an "Old-school" professional programmer who wrote Cyboid, bleem!, bleemcast!, DOOM Super Nintendo and Dragon’s Lair Amiga among other things.

Randal's background and experience includes:

Software architecture, design and engineering Software and firmware development, testing and debugging Software optimization, tuning and compression Software porting, prototyping and "proof of concept" projects Building well-known startups, projects and teams Reverse-engineering software, hardware and systems.

Randal has personally developed software tools, build systems, development environments and testing/automation systems and frameworks.

He is also adept at reverse-engineering systems, software emulation and developed multiple copy protection and digital rights management systems (and their related software tools.)

Some of the products Randal has developed and/or published include (in reverse chronological order):

"Cyboid" (Android Phones, Tablets and Android TV / Amazon Fire devices / Nokia cell phones / iPod / GBA) "bleem! for Dreamcast" (Sega Dreamcast) "bleem!" (PC) "DOOM" (Super Nintendo) "Dragon's Lair" and "Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle" (Amiga) "Paperback Filer" and "Pocket Filer" (Commodore 64/128) "Bubbles" (Commodore 64)

Other products Randal has worked on (design, development, debugging, etc.) include:

Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2 Microsoft XBox One Game Controller Microsoft Kinect (Xbox 360) Microsoft XDK (Software Development Kit for Xbox 360) "Game Tap" (PC) "The 64 Emulator" and "The 64 Emulator 2" (Amiga)



Title Day Room Track Start End
Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 1/3 Sunday D.emulator Emulator Development 12:00 13:05
Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 2/3 Sunday D.emulator Emulator Development 13:30 14:35
Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 3/3 + Live Q&A Sunday D.emulator Emulator Development 15:00 16:30