Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Nacho Cougil

Photo of Nacho Cougil

Nacho is a software engineer from Barcelona, fan of TDD and XP practices that has been working with Java and other web technologies before the effect 2000. He had experience in different roles in the IT world ('guy-for-everything', developer, team leader, project manager and CTO) working in companies in many sectors: energy, e-commerce, startups (some unicorn) and technology consultancy companies now working at Dynatrace. Always concerned with questions like "how does it work?" and "how can we make it better?", Nacho loves to share his knowledge with others and at the same time learn from others. As a natural progression to this attitude, he founded the Barcelona Java Users Group and co-founded the Java and JVM Barcelona Conference. When he is not thinking in the next interesting thing to do for the community, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports or improving his TDD and eXtreme Programming skills.



Title Day Room Track Start End
TDD: seriously, try it ! Saturday D.testing Testing and Automation 14:35 15:20