Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Mike Finko

Photo of Mike Finko

Mike has been using the platform since 2012. While working at an agricultural holding with many separate physical locations he seen the need for increased access to information and reduced repetition. He started with just a few of the most visible features, like the Wiki and File Galleries but quickly progressed to another core feature, Trackers, or databases. Understanding the combined power of these three features and the demand for real-time information, Mike began creating more complex configurations. All the while, not knowing or learning any coding languages or traditional SQL and databases. This led to a much larger project at another farming operation. which, throughout that project, Mike kept referring to himself as a 'one-man-band' not knowing the technical definition was 'Full Stack Developer'.

Outside of agriculture, some areas in which Mike has completed projects based on, or, helped develop as a team member include: transportation (corporate document delivery), real estate (property management), law (legal case management, incident management and complaint management), corporate training (wiki knowledge center), corporate sales (client database management), HR (employee time and records management, company directory, calendar).



Title Day Room Track Start End
Blurring the Lines: Tiki 'No-Code/Low-Code' Empowers
Full Stack Developer without knowledge of any programming languages
Saturday D.collab Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications 12:30 13:30