Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Michel Salim

Photo of Michel Salim

Michel is a Production Engineer at Facebook, where he herds cats^W^Wsupports the internal desktop Linux users. He started wanting to use Linux back in 1995, finally ended up using Linux in 1998, and ended his distro-hopping when he started contributing to Fedora in 2005.

He is passionate about FLOSS, libre hardware (especially for his pre-ordered RISC V board), and, oddly enough, sci-fi, opera and history. Michel relocated from the SF Bay Area to the US Pacific Northwest with his spouse their two cats during the pandemic, and is looking forward to being able to eat his way through the region. He doesn't get IPAs and thinks Belgian beers are divine.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Desktop Linux Management at Facebook Saturday D.infra Infra Management 17:00 17:30