Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Marko Mäkelä

Marko Mäkelä has been working on InnoDB storage engine internals since 2003. His contributions include bug fixes, file format and crash recovery improvements, native, online and instant ALTER TABLE.

Marko learned programming on the Commodore 64, mostly writing 6502 machine language. Almost 30 years ago, he switched to the C programming language and a more powerful computer. In 2003, he defended his doctoral thesis that covered formal verification of concurrent systems. He was the first full-time employee of Innobase Oy, which was acquired by Oracle. He switched to work for MariaDB Corporation in late 2016.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Buffer pool performance improvements
How the LRU replacement and log checkpoints were made faster in MariaDB 10.5
Saturday D.mariadb MariaDB 17:30 18:00