Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Marcus Müller

Photo of Marcus Müller

Marcus' history began when one of his ancestors decided to leave the safety of an equatorial tree; over generations, his ancestors began wondering more and more about what the optimum Software Defined Radio framework would be, but it would be no earlier than with the feasibility of SDR on general purpose computers that a member of this long line of experts realized this affinity.

Being raised in a very SDR-affine lab, it only took a few scientific experiments until Marcus became the architect of GNU Radio, when he's not working at CEL on his PhD. He likes long walks, good conversation and has developed a high level of nerdiness, which allows him to communicate with all sorts of people. He can often be found in the hedges of Southern Germany picking fruit and stuffing it into his face plumage. He is not a playable character.


Title Day Room Track Start End
GNU Radio Tech Update
Lifting the mystery of what has happened in GNU Radio over the last 12 months
Sunday Free Software Radio 14:20 14:50