Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


June Andronick

Photo of June Andronick

June Andronick is part of the Trustworthy Systems group, world-leading in verified operating systems software, known worldwide for the formal verification of the seL4 microkernel. She is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO's Data61, and conjoint Professor at UNSW Sydney, Australia. She is a part of the seL4 Foundation's Board, as well as Technical Steering Committee. She was recognised in 2011 by MIT's Technology Review as one of the world's top young innovators (TR35). She previously worked in industry for the smart-card manufacturer Gemalto in Formal Methods research.



Title Day Room Track Start End
The seL4 Foundation
what it is and why you should get involved
Saturday D.microkernel Microkernel 11:10 11:55