Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Giovanni Maruzzelli (gmaruzz)

Photo of Giovanni Maruzzelli (gmaruzz)

Giovanni is a consultant for the Telecom industry, designing Highly Available and Scalable SIP and WebRTC platforms, using Open Source building blocks, like FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, OpenSIPS and Kamailio

Heavily engaged with FreeSWITCH (wrote a couple endpoint, and co-authored with Anthony Minessale the 3 most current FreeSWITCH books), Giovanni is a consultant for the Telco industry, designing solutions and training courses for FreeSWITCH, SIP, WebRTC, OpenSIPS and Kamailio. An Internet tech pioneer, in 1996 Giovanni was cofounder of Italia Online, the most popular Italian portal and consumer ISP, and architect of its Internet technologies. After the New Economy galore he was two years in Serbia as Internet and Telecommunication Investment Expert for World Bank – IFC. Since 2005 he’s based in Italy, and serves ICT and Telco companies worldwide


Title Day Room Track Start End
FreeSWITCH mid-registering for Fun, Profit, Scale and Push
How to scale FreeSWITCH Registration Traffic and add Push Notifications
Saturday D.rtc Real Time Communications 15:00 15:25