Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Fridtjof Siebert

Photo of Fridtjof Siebert

Dr. Fridtjof Siebert has a long history of implementing compilers, run-time systems and analysis tools for different programming languages on a wide range of platforms. His latest project is the Fuzion language and its open-source implementation.

In the 90s, he developed the Amiga Oberon compiler as a side-project to finance his studies at the University of Stuttgart. After implementing a compiler for Eiffel on Solaris/SPARC as his diploma thesis, he became part of the Open Software Foundation / The Open Group team in Grenoble that implemented the TurboJ Java compiler.

During his PhD at the University of Karlsruhe he developed the technical foundation for the JamaicaVM hard-realtime Java implementation. He was founder of the aicas GmbH and served aicas as CTO for 18 years developing their Java technology further to support hard-realtime GC on multi-cores on a large range of realtime OSes and CPU architectures and adding dynamic and static analysis tools such as the VeriFlux static analysis tool for Java bytecode.

Since 2019, he works for Tokiwa SW GmbH where he develops the Fuzion language and tools, a new open-source programming language that combines a powerful syntax and safety features with simple base concepts that enable strong static analysis and highly efficient optimizing compilers.



Title Day Room Track Start End
The Fuzion Language
Combining safety and analysability with high performance - while distracted by a 🐶
Sunday D.declarative.minimalistic Declarative and Minimalistic Computing 10:30 10:50