Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Fabien Amarger

Photo of Fabien Amarger

Fabien is a French doctor in computer sciences. His doctoral thesis, about the Semantic Web, has been published in 2015. Nowadays, Fabien works in Logilab. The company works to improve the Semantic Web technologies to fit the new needs about web application. CubicWeb is a Python framework to deal with web application with a lot of Semantic Web inside. Fabien is one of the CubicWeb maintainer and as an engineer to carry out some projects. Logilab is a very active company in the open source and free software, and especially in the Python field since CubicWeb is full Python.


Title Day Room Track Start End
CubicWeb as a Linked Open Data server Sunday D.python Python 11:30 12:00