Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Dmitry Chuyko

Photo of Dmitry Chuyko

Dmitry Chuyko is a performance architect at BellSoft, one of the most active corporate OpenJDK developers. Before joining BellSoft, he worked on HotSpot JVM in Oracle. His previous experience with Java showed that the most interesting problems in applications find their solutions in the underlying platform. Dmitry is currently mainly optimizing HotSpot for x86 and ARM, and also contributing to the development of JEP 386 to make the smallest Java containers even better.

Dmitry is a committer in OpenJDK and a speaker at conferences such as Oracle Code One, Devoxx, GeeCON or JPoint, as well as at JUG meetups in different countries.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Alpine Musl Containers: Now Upstream Saturday D.openjdk Friends of OpenJDK 16:40 17:20