Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Dmitriy Kostiuk

Photo of Dmitriy Kostiuk

I'm a GNU/Linux & free/libre software activist from Belarus. I co-organize several FLOSS conferences in Eastern Europe: Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe in Belarus is my main charge for the last 15 years, and there are also FOSS Lviv and OSDN Conf in Ukraine, and Linux Piter in Russia. Also, I regularly give FLOSS-related talks on other events, I work as an associate professor at Brest State Technical University and create technical documentation for Percona.

I have a long list of open-source related activities targeted at software development, writing and managing technical documentation, education, and the community. My main areas of interest are GNU/Linux architecture and software development, open-source databases, desktop environments, history of the GUI and UI/UX.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Mouse integration for virtualized legacy operating systems Sunday D.retro Retrocomputing 10:30 11:00
Community-accessible EEG monitoring of the user's mental state in the UX/UI research Sunday Open Source Design 13:30 13:50