Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Deepak Khatri

Photo of Deepak Khatri

Deepak Khatri is a biotechnologist with a passion for Electronics and Computer Science. He founded Upside Down Labs for building open-source, unique, and innovative hardware+software solutions. He is currently working on some novel Biopotential Amplification devices. His passion for engineering inspires him to solve real-world problems for the benefit of all who needs it. He believes that giving is the best thing a human can do, whatever it is! it can be happiness, help, money, etc. He believes by keeping everything he is making open-source he is making a mark for others to follow. He is crazy to change the world for good and thinks people will join him slowly in his long journey to achieve that, you can find him online as 'lorforlinux' OR you can visit his website for more info about his projects and where to contact him.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Low cost open-source hardware for biopotential amplification for neuroscience, prosthetics and more
Open-source hadware design for neuroscience.
Sunday D.cad Open Source Computer Aided Modeling and Design 12:35 13:05