Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Christian Kniep

Photo of Christian Kniep

Christian is the Developer Advocate for HPC and Batch at AWS. He grew up dealing with automotive engineers, became a SysAdmin for a couple of thousand nodes in a crash test cluster and eventually dealt with high-performance networks. After Docker entered the scene HPC was too slow to adopt, so he joined a hipster startup in Berlin. Eventually ended up working for Docker Inc. At AWS he curats blog post about HPC (Genomics, CFD, Weather/Climate, CAE,..., some AI/ML), assist open-source communities to thrive and explore what is next for HPC (himself being a big container fanboy).



Title Day Room Track Start End
HPC Container Engine State-of-Art
Base-line our understanding of what the execution of HPC containers looks like in 2021.
Saturday D.hpc HPC, Big Data and Data Science 10:30 11:00