Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Alicja Kucharczyk

Photo of Alicja Kucharczyk

Alicja, currently working at Microsoft as EMEA Global Black Belt OSS Data tech Specialist - is a PostgreSQL expert, both an experienced developer as well as administrator and PostgreSQL coach with strong practical knowledge of Linux and their mutual interactions. Particularly interested in performance optimization at different levels. She has consulted a lot of companies, mainly in Poland providing them with working solutions and supporting them in architecting, deploying and maintaining PostgreSQL. She is the founder and organizer of 🐘 Warsaw PostgreSQL Users Group - the group gathering polish PostgreSQL users, speaker at local users groups and conferences and trying to advocate PostgreSQL and open source in many possible ways.


Title Day Room Track Start End
The Story About The Migration
The story about a challenging PoC that proved that Postgres can achieve the same performance as Oracle Exadata
Saturday D.postgresql PostgreSQL 13:30 14:00