Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Leah Rowe

Photo of Leah Rowe

I'm Leah, I'm a free software developer. I founded the Libreboot project in 2013 and have been running it since then. The project was initially a hobby / side project but I quickly noticed that there was a big craving for a project like it in the community, so I stuck at it full time. I also run which sells Libreboot systems preconfigured, to fund the Libreboot project.

My other public projects are visible on if you're interested. Not all are software. I'm interested in getting into games development in the future, as a side project alongside Libreboot, having wrote a few games when I was in college.

It goes without saying that I'm into computer science. I'm also into anime, politics, transgender activism and support (I run a support group (website, having come out as trans myself in March 2016), etc.

I also spoke at FOSDEM before, in January 2016. I very much enjoyed last year's conference, and I'm hoping this 2017 conference will be equally fun.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Free your BIOS today!
Saturday K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Miscellaneous 17:00 17:50