Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Katarina Behrens

Katarina (mostly known under the nickname Bubli) is a LibreOffice squirrel that works for CIB Labs

Bubli started working on LibreOffice in 2010 as a member of SUSE LibreOffice team. She continued her involvement with the project as a volunteer even after she left that job, while being busy with working in computer security business and becoming a parent. Hired by CIB in 2015, she is happy to work on LibreOffice full-time again. She has a passion for all things UI and enjoys mentoring newcomers and seeing them succeed. In the other life, she's a foodie, out of mainstream movie enthusiast, xkcd comic strip lover and jokes collector.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Make your LibreOffice extensions and macros rock
Defining user interface has never been easier
Saturday K.4.401 Open Document Editors 11:30 11:50