Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Richard Fontana

Richard Fontana is a lawyer at Red Hat, with particular responsibility for legal issues arising out of the software development process. Richard specializes in copyright, trademark and patent issues, technology transactions, free software/open source issues, computing technology standards, data privacy and protection, information security, and legal matters relating to cloud computing. Richard is the sole open source legal specialist at Red Hat, which is the world's largest provider of open source-based enterprise software and cloud solutions, and he has been an active and influential public speaker on matters at the intersection of open source, law and policy. In addition, Richard is the first Individual Member-elected Board Director of the Open Source Initiative.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues DevRoom
Third Year of This DevRoom Includes an Excellent Panel of Speakers
Saturday H.2213 Legal and policy issues 11:00 11:05
Taking license compatibility semi-seriously Sunday H.2213 Legal and policy issues 14:00 15:00