Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Jeremy Bennett

Dr Jeremy Bennett is the founder of Embecosm and an expert on hardware modeling and embedded software development. He has a particular interest in deeply embedded systems and energy efficiency.

Embecosm was founded by Dr Jeremy Bennett, an expert on hardware modeling and embedded software development. Previously Dr Bennett was Vice President of ARC International plc, following their acquisition of Tenison Design where he had been CEO and CTO. From 1986-1995 he was on the faculty of Bath University with research specializing in computer architecture and modeling in theoretical biochemistry. After leaving Bath University he joined GPT (later Marconi Communications plc), where he eventually became Vice President of Sales, following periods as Engineering Manager and Marketing Director.

Dr Bennett is author of the popular textbook, "Introduction to Compiling Techniques" (McGraw-Hill 1990, 1995, 2003). He holds an MA and PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University and is a Member of the British Computer Society, Chartered Engineer, Chartered Information Technology Professional and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He remains an active, hands-on engineer.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Who ate my battery?
Why free and open source systems are solving the problem of excessive energy consumption.
Saturday Janson Tracing and debugging 16:00 16:50
Energy scavenging, battery life and should we build more power stations
Why energy-efficiency of hardware and software matters
Sunday AW1.126 Energy-efficient computing 09:00 09:30
Measuring application energy consumption with instrumented hardware (workshop) Sunday AW1.126 Energy-efficient computing 12:30 15:30